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Does The Future Of Flight Promise Passengers Luxury Travel From New York To L.A. In... That's what I''m talking about! ✈️
Can you imagine the possibilities with this high-flying flight optimization!?
Akon Opens Up About His Most Memorable Moments With Michael Jackson And His Plans For... The future is bright!
It's been a while since we have heard this R&B great on a tape!
Back To The Drawing Board - These Architectural Fails Represent Construction At Its Most Misguided Oops...
Taken from examples around the world, here are a few of the worst cases of where supposed scientific structure met up with unbridled human error.
The Questions with Akon and will.i.am https://youtu.be/IcuLDGp36Ww
For the latest installment of Okayafrica TV’s 'The Questions,' we catch up with Akon and will.i.am to talk about the rise of afrobeats. _____________________...
Major Players In The Hip-Hop Game Show Love To Their Furry Friends And Pose With... Can you guess who has the most exotic pet?
You won't believe what kind of pet Tyga has!
These 10 Outrageous Mansions Might Make You Want To Go Buy Some Lottery Tickets Which one would you call home?
It’s the goal of every hard working man and woman – to own property, and better yet, to have a nice house to live in located on same. For many, that means the standard ...
Young Girl Proves That No Matter Her Differences She Can Rule At Competitive Cheerleading Too! Get it girl! 💪
Debbie Stark is too spirited and full of life to sit back and watch!
Meet The BMW Concept We All Wish Would Come True What's your dream car?
Concept designs tease and tantalize but never seem to make it to market. Here's hoping this Turkish designer's BMW bike changes that.
Generous Artist Uses His Skills To Paint For The Homeless In An Inspiring And Original... There is no place like home...
Skidrobot shares his talents, bringing a little comfort to the streets.
13 Astounding Discoveries Brought To You By The Depths Of The Less Often Explored Jungle! Mother earth will never cease to amaze me!
The many marvels of Mother Nature!
Akon Gets Tanked http://bit.ly/2dhSLiV
Rapper, signer and producer Akon loved his custom African and Caribbean themed tanks for his new house
10 Of Hip-Hop's Most Precious Father,Daughter Duos That Will Hit You Right In The Feels! How many of you are blessed to spend the weekend with your kids!
Talk about Dad #Goals!
Whale Watchers Get Wavy As A This Curious Humpback Approaches The Boat Like It's Take a bite out of life!
All aboard the excursion that brings it's passengers just a little too close for comfort!
RT @stereogum: Here's @Akon on Tanked which is a reality show about custom fish tanks https://t.co/cujKuJSmkY https://t.co/qOfs4VKtL2
RT @AnimalPlanet: Looking for something to watch tonight? Don't miss the #Tanked season premiere with @Akon at 10/9c! https://t.co/yQvInlLb…
Can’t wait to show you how my fish tanks turned out. Watch #Tanked on @AnimalPlanet tonight at 10/9c
Don't forget to check out my episode of Tanked tonight on Animal Planet. Don't miss it 10/9c https://t.co/zdzPmSTK6k

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