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Looks Like That Drake And Kanye Album Is On Its Way... - Think it's really gonna happen?
They’ve been talking about it for years. Now, it looks like a full blown collaboration between Dreezy and Yeezy is in the works…or maybe it isn’t? The reason for the conjecture is that there’s been ...
Hungry Hungry Hippos: Watch Them Chow Down On Whole Watermelons! One bite!Prepare to be blown away by what these hippo jaws are capable of!
He Is Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr. Has Once Again Proved That He Is... Iron Man doing what he does bestHe's not new to real life hero work.
Keep your Dream Alive https://t.co/8iPphW2p4o
It's LIT: B-Boy Lights Himself On Fire For The Sickest Routine You've Seen I had to watch it again before I figured it out!It goes without saying but, DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME.
Richard Sherman Drives Lyft On The Down Low And Freaks Out Passengers Would y'all recognize me if I picked you up? LOLHe's got you covered.
Timeline Photos Had a blast, can't wait to talk to y'all again!
25 Years Later, New DNA Evidence Changed This Wrongly Accused Man's Life For The Better This will put a tear in your eyeImagine being in prison for that long for a crime you didn't commit...
Timeline Photos You never know when you hold the key
Get Ready For The Much-Needed Return Of Girl Groups With These Hot New Acts Always looking out for what's fresh
Throughout the evolution of hip-hop and R&B, there have been many female lead groups, from rap and R&B fusion groups to groups like Destiny’s Child with only vocalists. These groups could be said to ...
I appreciate all of you! https://t.co/aBeW8teWtv
Holidays with vodkabeluga always great. #VODKABELUGA https://t.co/yWnEK2G5oR
Join me tomorrow for a special Q&A on on Facebook at 12 noon EST. #AskAkon https://t.co/VYwiYgJ9H2 https://t.co/9G14lcbGm7
Get to work! https://t.co/D0Wh8cRddo
With my man @Jeremih #Studioflow https://t.co/yCLZRHYTx2
Having a blast recording with @davidguetta @EsterDean #studioflow https://t.co/8VZShKDkIE

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