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President Obama Just Released This Hilarious Video Titled ‘Couch Commander’ He's a funny man
Home LOLOL President Obama Just Released This Hilarious Video Titled ‘Couch Commander’ President Obama Just Released This Hilarious Video Titled ‘Couch Commander’ Guys, President Obama is pretty dang cool. I don’t care what your politics are, ...
Prince Was A Musical Genius, But As A Baller? Magic Johnson Has Something To Say... Magic Johnson's got some storiesLet's hope it was exactly like the Chapelle skit.
About Time - Three Amazing Artists Are Finally Members Of The Songwriters Hall Of Fame... You better know these icons!Artists wouldn't have songs to sing without these talents.
This Memorial Day Weekend Happens To Coincide With Some EPIC Sneaker Drops Any sneakerheads out there?Those Jordans better be at the top of your list.
Remember Eminem's Daughter Hailie? You Won't Believe What She Looks Like Now Just what I needed today, to feel old! LOLIs it time for her to step into the spotlight?
This Is The Most Dangerous Selfie Spot In The World The things you do for a selfie...People are DYING to get a good picture.
When You Wait Seven Years Just To Drop The BEST Twitter Joke Y'all got any jokes?Twitter is a land where millions of people can banter at the same time. It
The New Ladies Of The 'Ghostbusters' Cast Killed It On Ellen They're going to do a great job in the new movieThink they'll do the movie justice?
Tony Hawk Wants To Show You What Skating In Space Would Look Like Tony Hawk's still got itTo boldly shred where no man has shred before.
Recognize these lyrics? https://t.co/ivKjuCVzeg
RT @konvictkartel: @IAMOGBOODIRTY new music for the long weekend #YAY out now on iTunes https://t.co/DbocOSdVnN https://t.co/Gg3AfGjizV
Get to work! https://t.co/igy9IVCQma
@DevyneStephens1 working! https://t.co/YnH1tLBan1
True! https://t.co/2ZIklN1gPe
Club WHITE in Dubai was crazy last night!! https://t.co/3GA0MbsxRv
RT @stadium_live: We are working on something Iconic!!! Stay tuned for the big announcement‼️ @akon

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