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Mom Thinks Her Baby Died In The Fire – Until One Fireman Jumps Into Her... Can you imagine!? What a blessing!
In one of the most intense rescue videos we’ve ever seen, firefighter Bob Swick climbed head first into a burning home without a second thought. What could be inside that would make such a ...
Akon Gets Tanked http://bit.ly/2dhSLiV
Rapper, signer and producer Akon loved his custom African and Caribbean themed tanks for his new house
10 Of Hip-Hop's Most Precious Father,Daughter Duos That Will Hit You Right In The Feels! How many of you are blessed to spend the weekend with your kids!
Talk about Dad #Goals!
Fed-Up Women Are Revealing Their Tags To Prove There Is No ‘Right Size’ Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes!
Shopping for clothing is stressful enough as it is. There’s trying to find something you like, the crowds, the lines, and of course the pricetags, but worst of all is trying things on ...
Whale Watchers Get Wavy As A This Curious Humpback Approaches The Boat Like It's Take a bite out of life!
All aboard the excursion that brings it's passengers just a little too close for comfort!
Highway Humor: 17 Genius Bumper Stickers That Are Actually Hilarious 😆 😆 😆
They say that laughter is the best medicine, but sometimes it can be hard to find. Bumper stickers are a way to let the world know your political views, your noble decision to be a vegan and ...
15 Of Your Favorite Restaurants That Give The Best Freebies On Your Birthday Who has a birthday coming up!?
I am a firm believer in making a huge deal about birthdays. It’s something I learned from my dad, which probably had something to do with him being born on Christmas. His celebration was ...
Obese Twin Sheds 40 Pounds Before Seeing Family For The 1st Time In 20 Years What an inspiration!
Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy for many people: it takes a lot of discipline to workout every so often, and to eat right on a regular basis. Sometimes, we lose ourselves in good – and often ...
After Bringing Clean Energy To Africa, One Rapper Is Showing The Americas The Benefits Of... Over 600 Million people have benefited from this movement, already!
The rapper and entrepreneur is hoping to bring the same level of success he had with clean energy in Africa to the needy people of Central, South, and Latin America.
8 Crazy Hidden Camera Moments Reveal What Happens When ‘No One Is Looking’ Behind the scenes...
Do you ever feel like someone is watching you, ever though no other humans are around at the moment? Well, not to freak you out, but chances are there is someone — or rather, something — watching ...
RT @stereogum: Here's @Akon on Tanked which is a reality show about custom fish tanks https://t.co/cujKuJSmkY https://t.co/qOfs4VKtL2
RT @AnimalPlanet: Looking for something to watch tonight? Don't miss the #Tanked season premiere with @Akon at 10/9c! https://t.co/yQvInlLb…
It's Called The 'ZubaBox' - Here's How It's Revolutionizing Refugee Status When we come together we can accomplish so much more...
With a little bit of handy work and some forward-thinking people, ZubaBoxes are giving those displaced hope in a very frightening world.
Can’t wait to show you how my fish tanks turned out. Watch #Tanked on @AnimalPlanet tonight at 10/9c
Akon's New House Needs New Fish Tanks Can’t wait to show you how my fish tanks turned out. Watch Tanked on Animal Planet tonight at 10/9c.
Akon wants to put the finishing touches on his new house with a pair of aquariums
NASA Had Nothing To Do With This Game-Changing Zodiac News But What Does This Mean... What's your sign? ♈
As the times change so does outer space and rumor has it that there might be an astrological sign that was missed...
Don't forget to check out my episode of Tanked tonight on Animal Planet. Don't miss it 10/9c https://t.co/zdzPmSTK6k
Don't forget to check out my episode of Tanked tonight on Animal Planet. Funnest show I've ever… https://t.co/5WtO0No7gp

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