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Ever Wonder What Happens If You Don't Set Your Phone To Airplane Mode While Flying?... The more you know!
It’s the weird warning that comes along with the high tech times we live in. No matter how science savvy you are, no matter how much you know about the inner workings of communication and aviation, ...
Today on set of new Movie #TheAmericanKing shooting in California, USA #setlife directing by @Jetaamata https://t.co/x5D9alpHVF
Last day with fans at the kotoka international airport-departures - Accra, #Ghana https://t.co/CNzaLkmeNc
If you haven't heard check out Sandra Izsadore the Queen of AfroBeat the woman who enlightened Fela Anikulspo
When Akon Went On 'Ellen' He Revealed His Real Name - Bet You Can't Say... How many of my fans can say you knew this?
During a visit to the popular daytime talk show, the rapper and global goodwill ambassador decided to tell the world his full name, and it's truly something to hear.
Yesterday at the Robert International Airport with my fans while leaving Liberia #AkonLightingAfrica #LighttoLearn https://t.co/wYIiakvoAF
Back From The Brink Of Death, Abandoned Toddler Now Thrives! What a blessing it is that this little guy met such a compassionate woman!
Superstition is a very funny thing indeed. For some people, the folklore like beliefs are a must, no matter how modern society views them. That’s why ...
There is officially electricity at the Zuluyee School in Nimba County, Liberia thank you for all the support of… https://t.co/1kz49or7lt
Paid a visit to honorable President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in furtherance of #AkonLightingAfrica #LighttoLearn initi… https://t.co/G87bZXiNjr
Talented Photographer Is Changing The Way We See The World Around Us! Like timing, perspective is EVERYTHING.
This is not your average angle.
8 Celebrities That Once Contemplated Suicide But Now Thrive In Life! - akonkonnected.com Don't give up. It will get better.
Times get hard. Life is not easy but it's worth it. Their stories are proof that no matter how dark it may get, there is always light at the end!
After Losing Her Brother To Cancer This Teen Did Something Incredible For The Cause! -... What an inspiration!💗
Casey Longstreet has a 90% chance of developing the disease but she won't let that stop her from doing her sibling this honor.
Dark-Skinned Brazilian Family Has Not 1 But 3 Albino Children! What are the chances?! They are beautiful!
Both parents are black but three of Rosamere Fernanda de Andrade's six children were born with this rare condition...
Artist Seeks To Make Street Art More 'Legible' By Painting Over Original Graffiti In Average... Is this art? You decide.
Although the lettering is clear, did he really make these walls more charming?
Teen Goalie Gets Knocked Out Playing Soccer, Wakes Up Speaking Fluent Spanish! - akonkonnected.com Have you ever heard of anything like this!?
Rueben Nsemoh suffered a concussion and was airlifted to the hospital but when he came to he had acquired another skill or two!
Mysterious Sinkhole Discovered In Unclaimed Waters Is Making Waves And Insights Intrigue... - akonkonnected.com What is it?
It’s a big blue hole which seems as though it may never end. Located in a charted but disputable zone of the South China Sea, this latest discovery has caused quite the commotion and intrigue since breaking ...
Akon Is At It Again! Lending Light To Liberian Students! We are making so much progress!
Launched in February of 2014, Akon Lighting Africa is philanthropist and musician , Akon’s solar-powered solution to provide clean and affordable electricity to approximately 600,000 Africans who go without. Thus far, Akon has managed ...
Channel Your Inner Erykah Badu With These 8 Soul Feeding Practices! - akonkonnected.com Do you think those Baduizms are the truth?
The Queen Of Neo-Soul, Miss Erykah Badu seems to have it all figured out. Her energetic and honest attitude combined with her sensual and raw voice is enough to hypnotize most men ...

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