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Dad Freaks Out When His Kids Surprise Him With Light-Up Sneakers He’s Always Wanted How much you wanna bet they will make him run faster and jump higher?!
There is nothing better than pulling off a big surprise. When it comes to gifts, you want the surprise to be something that the person either ...
Fish Better Have My Money - Single by Blue Tank Clan on Apple Music Here's the track featured on #tanked by the #Bluetankclan @WAYDE KING Brett Raymer
Listen to songs from the album Fish Better Have My Money - Single, including "Fish Better Have My Money." Buy the album for $0.99. Songs start ...
Prison Inmate Forms Unbreakable Bond While Teaching A Troubled Dog Helping each other to help one another...
Anyone in prison is often viewed by the outside community as a “bad guy” who shouldn’t be trusted. The idea of prison is meant to be for correction of a behavior. A prisoner ...
Who Needs A 9-5 When You Have The African Continent As Your Office? #TheTruth
Dan Grec has been there before and he's not about to go doing it again. Now he's shirking the duties of a 9-5 for the experience of an African adventure!
Every Parent Can Relate To Mom’s Video Of Her Toddler Taking Over The Bed #MOOD
Your bed is a sacred place. It is where you get much-needed rest, but plenty of other things happen there as well. Any parent can say that their bed became a little less sacred, but not less special, after ...
9 Scenes That Pushed Actors To Their Breaking Point Some things will really change you...
One great misconception is that being a Hollywood actor or actress is be a dream job. It’s easy to see why people think this, just look at the lifestyle it can afford you: Gala ...
Mythbusters 101: Here's Another Reason Why Cats And Babies Are A Very Good Thing Can you feel the love?
It’s an old wives’ tale, and it goes a little something like this – you should never leave a cat alone with an infant. Why, you may ask? Well, according to folklore, our feline friends ...
Dad’s Emotional Letter About Autistic Son Having No Friends Leads To Outpouring Of Support What a beautiful response!
This story comes to us from our friends at AOL! One goal parents have is to make sure their children are happy; when they aren’t, it’s devastating. One dad shared the sadness he has about his ...
The 'Free Hug' Guy Is Back At It Again, Encouraging Peaceful Protest During Charlotte Protests What the world needs now is love 💑
Crowds were outraged at this man's gesture toward a police officer but that didn't stop him from spreading love!
It's Official! NASA Has Confirmed, That Man Will Be Traveling To Mars As Early As... Will we be needing a passport? 🚀
Humans Will Be Calling The Red Planet 'Home' Sooner Than We Thought!
School Take's A Holistic Approach To Discipline Assigning Meditation In Place Of Detention We need to see this in more of our schools!
Practicing mindful breathing and reflection in a positive environment seems to be working wonders for these Baltimore students!
Like Jewels Cut From The Earth, These Chinese Rice Terraces Are Farms On Steroids They don't appear real, do they?
In a stunning gallery, the amazing rice terraces of China are featured, and they are a thing of beauty to behold.
RT @stereogum: Here's @Akon on Tanked which is a reality show about custom fish tanks https://t.co/cujKuJSmkY https://t.co/qOfs4VKtL2
RT @AnimalPlanet: Looking for something to watch tonight? Don't miss the #Tanked season premiere with @Akon at 10/9c! https://t.co/yQvInlLb…
Can’t wait to show you how my fish tanks turned out. Watch #Tanked on @AnimalPlanet tonight at 10/9c

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