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Forget Planes, Trains And Automobiles! The Future Promises Eco Friendly Travel With Luxurious Amenities! The future of travel!
Could these innovative designs lead us into a sustainable and stress free environment?!
Rude Bouncer Denies Entry To Woman At Club Because Of The Way She Looks Excuse me?!
When you’re going out dancing on your birthday, the last thing you expect is to be degraded for the way you look. On the hidden camera show What Would You Do?, a woman is trying to celebrate her ...
When Mother Nature Is Really Mad At You - Beware, The Rain Bomb Whoa! 😲
While they are very rare indeed, the rain bomb is the worse kind of weather anomaly, and the video captured by one lucky stormchaser shows you why.
Who Is This Too Fly Teen, 'Money Kicks' And Why Is He Living The Dream,... This young guy is the future of FLY!
Rashed Saif Belhasa is more connected than most grown folks!
Once Homeless, These 10 Celebrities Never Gave Up On Their Hollywood Dreams! You can truly achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to!
Becoming an A-List celebrity is never an easy task!
This Spectacular Floating Hotel Transforms The Idea Of What It Means To Travel In Style How would you like to stay on this modern day floating vacay?
Float on to experience your ultimate getaway!
Living With HIV; One Single Mother Wants You To Know That Testing Positive Is No... We are so blessed to have caring and bright minds in health and science! Here's to a happy, healthy future!
Paida Mutopo successfully gave birth to her now 5-month-old son without passing the virus on!
Muslim Woman Becomes The First To Pose For Playboy Draped In A Hijab... That's BOLD! Do you support this young Queen's cause?
Noor Tagouri went where no one has gone before in this controversial photoshoot!
It's Throwback Time - Remember When Akon Met M.J.? It's 2008's 'Hold My Hand' i will never forget these moments
While the song was actually meant for Whitney Houston, the version by the King of Pop and the noted rapper became a big hit worldwide.
Fish Better Have My Money - Single by Blue Tank Clan on Apple Music Here's the track featured on #tanked by the #Bluetankclan @WAYDE KING Brett Raymer
Listen to songs from the album Fish Better Have My Money - Single, including "Fish Better Have My Money." Buy the album for $0.99. Songs start ...
Who Needs A 9-5 When You Have The African Continent As Your Office? #TheTruth
Dan Grec has been there before and he's not about to go doing it again. Now he's shirking the duties of a 9-5 for the experience of an African adventure!
RT @stereogum: Here's @Akon on Tanked which is a reality show about custom fish tanks https://t.co/cujKuJSmkY https://t.co/qOfs4VKtL2
RT @AnimalPlanet: Looking for something to watch tonight? Don't miss the #Tanked season premiere with @Akon at 10/9c! https://t.co/yQvInlLb…

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