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Blind 12-Year-Old Gets To See Mother For First Time Thanks To Amazing Glasses I needed to see thisIf this doesn't make you believe in the miracle of science...
Up For A Swim? These Are The Clearest Waters In The World You Can Visit Just in time for summer!The U.S. has two, but are they the most spectacular?
This Soldier Was Shocked To See Who Was Flying Him Home From Deployment... Returning home is always a sweet experienceThe pilot was seizing a once in a lifetime opportunity.
2 Men Saw Their 93-Year-Old Neighbor Mowing Her Lawn. That's When They Did The Unthinkable Out there doing great things for their community, keep it up boys!Seeing a 93-year-old mow her own lawn wasn't going to fly with them.
The Rock Made a Dream Come True For a Young Boy Battling Cancer He did a great thing!The Rock has showed, once again, that he's a true #HappinessHero!
Jimmy Fallon Convinces Kevin Hart To Ride A Terrifying Roller Coaster. This Is Priceless! Come on Kevin 😂😂😂
Ever since I was young, I’ve always had a huge fear of roller coasters. Maybe it’s because my older brother forced me to ride one with him when I was 5 years old that left me ...
Soulja Boy Claims He Just Nailed A $400 Million Dollar Deal That's a LOT of moneyThe rapper ALSO claims CBS, FOX, and Forbes were in a bidding war over him...
Keep it real! https://t.co/saCXYKhMDY
So Hot It Hurts: Key And Peele Nearly Die In This Interview While Eating Hot... Lmao, hot sauce is no joke!Sorry Hot Boys, but sometimes you DON'T need a hot one.
The Incredible Details Behind The Documentary Just Approved For One Of Music's Biggest Legends... Tupac, Whitney...this will be a good year for biopics.The project is in the works and has an Oscar-winning director behind it.
You'll Be Stoked About What Kid Cudi And Andrew 3000 Are Cooking Up... They've both been out of the spotlight for a while, should be good!Apparently the two have been recording new music together.
Tupac's Mother Afeni Shakur Passes Away At 69 Wow, this year is too much. RIP AfeniAfeni was an activist and left a lasting impact in the wake of her passing.
Check out this weeks @stadium_live radio show mixed by my man @DJSmashKASH here.. https://t.co/eIY1L1Ioj4 https://t.co/QSNnsw0az0
Proud to announce my joint venture w/ @fullyfocus @uluz3 for #PXPFest AUG 13 at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta https://t.co/SnKSd50UZS
RT @official_flo: Just touched down in LA and ran into my brother @akon #hellofriday @ Los Angeles International… https://t.co/tHEv4VpGlW
Start your week off right... https://t.co/XYottcyfTo
Thanks to everyone who joined me for the Q&A, if u missed it, check out my Facebook page. https://t.co/FEyADERlW5 https://t.co/KnJgV7vOQo

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