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You would then understand. Comments Phlow Qhind Mzima Akon is quiet nowadays.Angela Patricia Diaz Choudhry Atif just hold in there.😊Mackenzie Hess Romans 8:18 ❤️Phương Hoàng Amen to this :)Manish Chauhan Kartikey this can be felt while comparing the situation of going to appear for upsc and any other exam AKON
Things That Somehow Live in the Sahara
These desert dwellers have adapted to survive in one of the harshest climates on Earth.
AKON shared a link.
Comments Rosalina Perez quiero un novio que me ameNehuen Guntin Love itQue Viva la Musica en Ingles HEY LATINO !!!regala me un like si amas la musica en ingles ! ❤ ❤ ♫♪ !!!!!!!!! I love AKON !!Michal Bromand I want to treasure this little wild fox (soooo cute with his pointed little mouth and nose)John Holt That spider, NOPE! AKON
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Have fun. Comments Rachel Kimicata Ok akon I willJoe Courtesy-bus Just shut up already weve heard it all before how many times do we have to told be free free ...Jessica Strack Come to Australia soon Akon :-)YâŞmiňe BûlğaŞem good luckTheresa Christine Guy ❤❤❤ My superstar friend #whatitmatteranyway #loveoutloud AKON
Albino Children Were Hunted for Their Limbs in Tanzania Until Doctors Did This
How do you help someone after they've been brutally attacked because of their skin?
AKON shared a link.
Comments Mariangel Goire African and some Asian countries have some weird beliefs! It amazes me what the lack of education would do to ...Danielle Murray Disgusting these are innocent children :( if you had an albino baby and knew this was happening why wouldn't you ...Kristina Renee Turning-Robe It's hear breaking :( but the good news is that although these children gone through a tragic experience in their ...Roman Tenyakov Lol this is happening in america with over a million babies each year killed for their parts and no outrage? ...Joel Cabrera Hope the hunters get hunted AKON
Extremely Luxurious Private Jets That'll Motivate You..
These ridiculously luxurious planes leave most millionaires wishing that they could afford one.
Comments Martin Diedrich Extremely luxurious private jets that'll motivate you to go into politics and end capitalism!Mohà Mèd Àmor Extremely Luxurious Private JetsTunku Zubir What is there to be motivated by such obscene flauntings of one's wealth. Enjoy your caviar, champagne and luxurious private ...Dave Casey If you're mission in life is to get a private jet,'re an asshole.Cson Desir rather help a whole country with that money instead spending it on a plane... AKON
Whatch & Share (Music Video):O.G.Boo Dirty Feat #akon - "PROBLEMS" worldofakon
(Photo):#akon w/ @therealtemoney,@hitmansteviej Last Night @ LASamsHofbrau Club in Olympic Blvd,#losangeles worldofakon
#akon w/ Keith Middlebrook Yesterday in #losangeles,CA worldofakon
Go listen to my lil bro @therealtemoney feat @teeflii bang yo set THE GANG konvict xxalt NBL
@Akon 78 138
Reality Music. It's time we got back to. Bout to light these streets up. Round 1 @iamogboodirty… @Akon 59 117
Movies That Were Shot in Africa
These films are entertaining, engrossing and were all filmed right on the continent.
AKON shared a link.
Comments Seyi Mi AKON. Baba Agba what of #BlackNovember is also from AfricaLarbi Apraku Emmanuel I love my Africa ,rise upSteven Lawrie these movies are so good, they tell you what life was really like for some people, my cousin born in ...Traore Oumar Is true ,,l occident caught problem all AfricaPhares Urbanus Akon rilli love the way you handle yourself.were proud to have you as an AFRICAN AKON
#akon Last Night @ Dave&Buster in #hollywood #losangeles worldofakon
#akon w/Fans Last Night @ Dave&Busters in #hollywood #losangeles worldofakon
What Scientists Discovered Beneath the Easter Island Heads is Unreal, But Definitely Impressive..
There's more to these statues than meets the eye.
Comments Ismael Chavez Beneath the easter heads are the easter eggs.Emmanuel Julio Galleguillos-Côté Yeah easter island is known for those heads, and yes the bodies are completely buried underground and they are huge. ...Aaron Gutierrez Yeah it was interesting,months agoRéwi Budak C'est pas possible, il n'y a pas de corps en dessous ! Dans un documentaire sur la 6 l'autre jour ...Kate Alison Algabre Aliens. AKON
Photo:#akon w/ Jamallman Lasnight in Atlanta,Ga worldofakon
(Photo):#akon w/ @Jamallman1,#djfunkyatl,#djwestside Lastnight in Atlanta,GA worldofakon
Music News:R City New Album 'What Dreams Are Made of'' will Feature #akon On a Song Called "Live By The Gun" Release Date:09 OCT (ITunes) 1 comments 🎀BOSS QUEEN 🎀 I love akon worldofakon
Supermodels Who Were Born in Africa
These African-born beauties have taken the international modeling world by storm.
Comments John Okocha Luis Black. Is natural beautyChinny Harmony Proudly Africa,Black is beautifulSnenhlanhla Dlamini Akon..Black is beautyKiwanuka Mike Brown Proud To Be Born On Alovely Land Africa!!!!!!!!!Love Iwomi Black is beautiful nd natural AKON
These Dummies Lost Their Jobs Because of What They Posted on Facebook And Things Got...
Make sure you clock in before checking out these hilarious fails.
AKON shared a link.
Comments Kim Kibirige Jingo i should stop posting on facebook i dont want to lose my jobMustafa Miya Very sad, go to the lawyers guys u get ur jobs backNkuleh Tankiso Thabekhulu Thabekhulu My True African brother (AKON) #KONVICT...Ângelo M. Cruz Esteves #Akon on facebook and dont want to loseIamMongo Deng Bardit i should keep posting on fb i won't lose my school. AKON
Street Art That Sends a Message
It's not vandalism, it's art.
Comments Cassandra Marie Zaria Tebou doesn't this remind of the street art project we had to do in us history with Lepeau??😂 Abby Seman Alicia, there are some really neat pieces in here!Sean Presto Much Respect to you King.Daniel Koloti Thats gr8 ever even though to those who r elitirate or cn't read they cn c wat does dat mean ...Chinny Harmony wow AKON
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Look in the mirror. Comments Nyang Tong Majok Me in the mirror will make that changeRegina Huizar .....starting with that man in the mirror......Abhishek Abizo Akon plss stop it MJ alredy made it a lyric "im looking at the man in the mirror i am ...Gokarna Shahi look into mirror of the heart u will find true face...Mary Syombua Haha akon be serious i can see myself in mirror AKON
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What you should strive to be. Comments John Anderson easy to say that when youl never go without food or shelter for the rest of your life hate it ...Aphrem Danha Says the handsome, rich actor who made it.Athar Iqbal easy to say when you are good looking and richJosh Hanson Why do you always play the dumb guy then?Akanaga Emmanuel Was he born rich.... ? His right . Be smart AKON
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Don't give up. Comments Akeem Ayinla Crespo Because of you I don't give upJanel Copeland Of course akon you already did let alot of people's don't give up in life akon you're god bless oooooo ...प्रियल सीधी nEvEr gIvE uP............ ++++Muassua Bernardo I won't give up.. Thanks Mr AKON...Lama Alias Lamarmos nice ,don't give up .... AKON
These Animals Were Newly Discovered, and They're Awesome
These new creatures are adorable, freaky, or sometimes both.
AKON shared a link.
Comments Daniel Koloti What is dat animal??Kelli Killajoy Akon You RoooooockAmine Ksassoua 🐸🐸🐢🐉Nishant Verma Awsome..Prudent Daniel Taibu Mr Akon bless up AKON
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AKON added a new photo. Comments Raymond Reeves Or bad sh** just happens to good people without no explanation and it continues to happenEloiza Washington sure ....Carisa Clark That's rightRussell Sayat this was happening to me right nowMary Jain Akon ur always right AKON
Two homies from the Lou that actually made it out. We never thought we'd be sitting at the same table… @Akon 84 177
Arrived in Ottawa! New venue tomorrow @ritualnightclub - get tickets here:… @Akon 84 133

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Over 40 million albums sold worldwide

Five Grammy Award nominations and 45 Billboard Hot 100 songs

AKON Biography

As soon as you hear Akon’s voice, you know it’s him.

His shimmering, soulful voice has propelled countless hits across genres—from pop and R&B to hip hop and dance. In addition to his own chart-­‐dominating singles “Smack That” and “I Wanna Love You”, he’s made a staggering 300 guest appearances for icons including Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani, Lil Wayne, R. Kelly, and Eminem. With over 35 million albums sold worldwide, five Grammy Award nominations, and 45 Billboard Hot 100 songs under his belt, he’s simply unstoppable.

“Locked Up” from the singer and producer’s 2004 debut album, Trouble, made him a household name, and then Konvicted led to global superstardom. In the aftermath of the latter’s 2007 release, Akon garnered the American Music Award for Favorite R&B Male Artist, Teen Choice Award for Breakout Male Artist, three World Music Awards in the categories of Best Selling R&B Male Artist, Best Selling African Artist and Best Selling Internet Artist, and the Billboard Music Award for Artist of the Year. He was listed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the #1 selling artists for master ringtones in the world and became the first solo artist in history to lock down both the number one and number two spots on the Billboard Hot 100.

Never content to rest on his laurels, he was the visionary behind not one but two thriving record labels KonLive and Konvict. The imprints jump-­‐started the careers of both Lady Gaga and T-­‐Pain, with Akon recognizing their talent early on, producing, and collaborating with them.

Expanding further into other realms, Akon was recognized on Forbes Magazine’s Celebrity 100 list in 2010, and Pepsi chose him to produce and record “Oh Africa” for the 2010 World Cup. For the first time in history, the event took place in Africa, the continent on which the artist was born. With a heart even bigger than his resume, Akon also created The Konfidence Foundation, a youth-­‐centric charity that benefits underserved children in Africa and the U.S. Everything he does remains emblematic of his passion.

Musically, Akon has continued to push the envelope. His duet with Michael Jackson, “Hold My Hand” was released as the first single on the Michael album, debuting internationally at #1. Plus, his hilarious collaboration with Saturday Night Live stalwarts The Lonely Island, “I Just Had Sex”, set the internet ablaze, racking up over 210 million YouTube/VEVO views and being performed at the 2011 Comedy Awards and Primetime EMMY Awards.

Akon still isn’t showing signs of slowing down. With a new album on deck for 2015, he has set his sights on breaking into Hollywood and is already well on his way to making his mark. In 2012, Akon made his acting debut in Jeta Amata’s stirring motion picture “Black November” alongside a stellar cast including Mickey Rourke, Kim Basinger, Anne Heche, and Vivica A. Fox. Most recently, he landed his first major movie role and will appear with costars Adrien Brody, Hayden Christensen and Jordana Brewster in the upcoming indie action thriller “American Heist”, a remake of the 1959 Steve McQueen movie “The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery.”

In February 2014, Akon launched a partnership to bring electricity to one million households in Africa by the end of 2014. Akon has chosen to address the immediate needs of Africans through an effort known as “Akon Lighting Africa.” This initiative will address the concern that more than two-thirds of the population of sub-Saharan Africa is without electricity, and that more than 85 percent of those living in rural areas lack access. Akon Corp., in conjunction with GIVE1 PROJECT and Solektra International, member of ADS Group (Africa Development Solutions Group), has assembled a dynamic group of strategic partners in order to create replicable, scalable and cost-effective energy solutions. For more information about Akon, visit his Facebook page at