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This Powerful Woman Has Stopped 850 Child Marriages And Counting... 👑Be the change you wish to see!
As Senior Chief in the Dedza District of Central Malawi,she leads over 900,000 people into a brighter future!
You gotta check out @kevinhart4real soundtrack for #Whatnow . Monster smash including"Give it Back" #artistlive #akon #kevinhart #whatnow
@Rahma_sadau looking forward to seeing u in LA. Let's empower our women and motivate them to grow. Fanning them is cooler then banning them
Happy Birthday to my big bro @Usher
The Sky Is The Limit When It Comes To Solving The Global Food Crisis Sustainability is 🗝
The world could face crippling food shortages by the year 2050. Now farmers are looking to the sky for a solution, and science says it could work.
Akon Is 'Lighting Africa' With An Important And Sustainable Energy Project Proud to be a part of this inspiring movement Akon Lighting Africa
Africa is a big place to power. To Akon's 'Lighting Africa' initiative, bringing light to the dark is a lofty goal worth pursuing...
23 Most Intriguing Country Borders From One End Of The Earth To The Other! Have you had the pleasure standing in two different places at once?
From sidewalks to sculptures and lines drawn by Mother Nature each of these divisions are unique in their very own way!
Haiti's Death Toll Reaches 842 And Steadily Rises After Hurricane Matthew's Devastating Destruction... My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have fallen victim to this terrible natural disaster...
The aftermath of the category 4 storm on the Caribbean is absolutely heartbreaking.
Chileans Haven't Paid For Power In Months Thanks To Solar Energy! Three cheers for sustainability!
Chileans have been getting free electricity bills for over 100 days now. For better or for worse, solar energy is proving to be the next great innovation.
After Years Of Struggling With Her Health This Amputee Never Could Have Imagined A Career... With strength and the power of positive thought you cannot fail, just ask Mama Cax! 🗝
Mama Cax is leading the #RunwayForAll movement!
This Dark Chocolate Senegalese Model Is An Inspiration To Melanin-Kissed Queens Everywhere! Another breathtaking reminder to love the skin you're in!
Khoudia Diop's deep complexion is making waves and paving the runway for greater diversity in the fashion industry!
Man Stands In The City With Just A blindfold, A Sign And His Arms Open... Compassion is the 🗝 to UNITY
David A. Sadler stands blindly in the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement with arms wide open...
From Trash To Treasure, Artist Creates Elaborate Street Art Using Nothing But Scraps... When creativity and the message meet we see true beauty!
Portuguese street artist Bordalo II scavenges the majority of his materials for his 3-D murals with a cause....
Native But Not Known: Here Are Five Educational Hurdles Facing Indigenous People Worldwide We need to get back to our roots to understand our history.
The problems facing those who want the original inhabitants of this planet respected for both their history and their culture.
This Is What Africa Really Looks Like, And It's Absolutely Stunning... Africa - the most beautiful land on Earth!
The world outside the African continent has a few wrong ideas about the cradle of civilization. One Instagram account is changing those perspectives.

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