NTD News This is why you don’t tap on the glass of the shark tank!!
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Kid Breaks Neck Trying To One Up A Michael Jackson Impersonator Can't touch the King, but that was certainly devastating...
He saw a Michael Jackson impersonator dancing...and broke his neck trying to one up him.
Did Rihanna & Lupita Nyong’o Really Just Agree To This Twitter Fashioned Film?! Would you watch?
Feast Your Eyes On The Photo That Started It All… Here,Badgal Riri and model, Lupita Nyong’o are caught in a candid shot, looking smoking hot🔥 and fiercely invincible. The photo, which almost instantly took over Twitter, was ...
On The Brink Of Battle? See The World's 10 Most Powerful Nuclear Missiles... Why did it ever have to come to this?😞
If you’ve been keeping up with the news over the last few weeks, you’ve probably noticed that things are getting a little scary. After the United States bombed both Syria and ...
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There's A Link Between Your Personality & Your Facebook Profile Pic - No, Seriously Spot on or wayyyy off?
We often put them up without thinking, simply using the last shot we took as a way of identifying ourselves across social media. Sometimes we’ll even throw it back to the days when we were ...
HACKED: How To Find Your MySpace Photos From Back In The Day... Just in time for #ThrowbackThursday
Just in case you find yourself reminiscing on the “golden days” of your teen years when millennials just began to dive into the depths of the World Wide Web, don’t stress. It may seem like ...
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19 Of The Most Moving Images Ever Captured... Absolutely breathtaking...
From absolutely heartbreaking and emotional to beautiful and rare these 19 photos are some of the best images to surface on the World Wide Web. Have you ever been so struck by a photograph that you stopped dead ...
Timeline Photos Que pasa J Balvin, Marc Anthony? 🏆🔥
AKON feeling cool at AmericanAirlines Arena.
Mile-High Births? Which Nationality Do Sky Born Babies Belong To? Do you know anyone that was born on plane?✈️ What nation do they claim?
Perhaps this is one of those questions you have never really conjured over. It’s highly likely in fact, that this subject may have never crossed your ...
Timeline Photos Blessed to have such great fans around the world! Much love for supporting me and my music
Throwback to Coachella!! 🔥🔥
KONVICT KARTEL COMP VOL. 1 https://youtu.be/BpoPPk0fM7s
KONVICT KARTEL COMP VOL. 1 out now!!!! www.konvictkartel.com
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#HappyBirthdayKon 🎉
Shaq to Pay for Funeral of Georgia Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself on Live Video Shaq to Pay for Funeral of Georgia Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself on Live Video
Shaquille O'Neal is helping ease the pain for a Georgia family struck by tragedy, he's paying for the funeral of a boy who accidentally ...
Timeline Photos Thank you for this distinct honor which I gladly share with my partners and the whole team who makes Akon Lighting Africa a reality!
An Untimely Death; Celebrities Head To Twitter To Morn The Loss Of Comedian, Charlie Murphy Too soon😞
When news broke this afternoon that actor and comedian Charlie Murphy passed away, it shocked everyone hearing the news. Most people didn’t even know he was sick. When he wasn’t on stage or in front of the camera, ...

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