ATN TV - Gambia Akon breaking it down at the YouthConnekt Africa Summit 2017.
AKON shared ATN TV - Gambia's video.
Bringing Awareness To The Self-Love Movement Artist Celebrates Stretchmarks - I wish I could double-like this!
There are so many women in the world who fear wearing crop tops or hitting the beach in an itty-bitty two-piece. Plagued by the perfect images of young, thin, (and might we remind you-photo-shopped) ...
The Rock x Siri 'Dominate The Day In New' Apple Short Film - So good😂🏋🏽️‍♂️
The Rock has been cookin’ up more than the average celeb on social media lately. It seems as though there is not a task too large for Dwayne Johnson. He went ahead and made that abundantly clear with ...
Frank Ocean And Brad Pitt Team Up For FYF Festival Performance - Now that's a seriously special guest!
Contrary to what Twitter and Instagram may tell you, Frank Ocean doesn’t use them. He’s an introverted perfectionist who strives for a greatness that cannot be associated with a lot of artists today, but ...
Launching Rural Mobile clinics with Dr. Lu through out Africa. Creating real solutions one City at a time.
This scene shows and demonstrates that what is important in life is to be determined and to believe in oneself, whatever the supposed size and strength of the adversary: ​​victory is always at the end of perseverance in the " ...
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Amazing People 🙏🏿
Amazing people 🙏🏿
Timeline Photos Sharing production secrets with my newly signed producer DeeVee from Nigeria.
Timeline Photos Me and my man Sam Feldt working on something big. Stay tuned for details
Fresh Til' Death! Stay Fly With The Best Sneaker Releases Of 2017 (So Far) Too clean!
Whether you’re in it for the style, status or sensibility a strong sneaker game is sort of a must. If you’re at least mildly athletic, owning a couple pairs of casual tennis shoes is a given but in ...
Bike ride in Amsterdam
AKON was live.
These Could Be The New Seven Wonders Of The Modern World! Times are changing!
When you were in school you learned that the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Greece, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the ...
Timeline Photos Me and my Litigation Attorney in Senegal Mr. LY. He's not the guy u want to mess with.
Happy to announce big News soon with my brother @arctic_afronaut & @romarley Marley 1❤ #onelove
What r u looking at?? 👊🏿#konvict @tea_worldwide

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