Brutalized By The Online Community, This Girl Has A Message For The Haters Love our differences 💗
We’ve sure come a long way in this world. We’ve learned to be accepting of so much that, just a few years ago, would be viewed as vile and almost repulsive. Take facial hair on women. ...
Interracial Couple Shares Their Love On Social Media, The Internet Loses It! Seriously?🤔
Somehow in the year 2017, there are still people worried abut skin color. It all seems sort of silly to most of us in modern times, however no matter how difficult it may be to accept that racism is ...
Throwback to Coachella!! 🔥🔥
This Adorable Siberian Albino Girl Is Being Nicknamed 'Snow White' What a beautiful young lady!
An eight-year-old girl named Nariyana is receiving lots of attention these days for her striking pale complexion and fair features. Born to a family of Siberian heritage, Nariyana’s ethnic roots trace back to Yakut lineage. ...
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Shaq to Pay for Funeral of Georgia Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself on Live Video Shaq to Pay for Funeral of Georgia Teen Who Accidentally Shot Himself on Live Video
Shaquille O'Neal is helping ease the pain for a Georgia family struck by tragedy, he's paying for the funeral of a boy who accidentally ...
Timeline Photos Thank you for this distinct honor which I gladly share with my partners and the whole team who makes Akon Lighting Africa a reality!
An Untimely Death; Celebrities Head To Twitter To Morn The Loss Of Comedian, Charlie Murphy Too soon😞
When news broke this afternoon that actor and comedian Charlie Murphy passed away, it shocked everyone hearing the news. Most people didn’t even know he was sick. When he wasn’t on stage or in front of the camera, ...
Rest In Peace... Charlie Murphy Passes Away At Just 57-Years-Old Another great gone... RIP brother
Charlie Murphy, Eddie’s older brother and a breakout star from Chappelle’s Show, has passed away at the age of 57 after a battle with Leukemia. According to Charlie’s manager, he passed away Wednesday morning in ...
Black & Proud, Melanin-Rich Queen Claps Back And Wins The Internet... 👑👑👑
19-year-old Mimi Mbah has the body of a goddess. Blessed with curves an a healthy dose of melanin her golden hued, yet chocolate rich skin glisten in the sun like a field of diamonds. Her beauty shines bright, but ...
Taking The Industry By Storm; 11-Year-Old Girls Capture The World's Eye With Their Unique Beauty Absolutely stunning.
Lara and Mara Bawar of Brazil have always been different. Born with much less melanin than most, these albino sisters are no strangers to stares. Everywhere they go, people look. There is no denying the captivating beauty that ...
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The champ Floyd Mayweather has dope taste in music!! Doesn't he?? 😉 #TMT #Konvict #Ghetto

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