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Man Finds Bottle On Beach, It's The Message That Was Inside It That Will Amaze... What's the craziest thing you've found on the beach?Guess this sort of thing really does happen...
Rare Photos of a 19-Year-Old Prince That You’ve NEVER Seen Before Not many saw him like thisThe beginnings of an amazing artist...
Student Tells Teacher He’s Too Smart For The First Grade. What Happens Next Is Absolutely... Clever little guyStudent Tells Teacher He’s Too Smart For The First Grade. What Happens Next Is Absolutely Priceless by viralcrunch April 21, 2016, 2:17 am --------- Advertisement --------- 20kSHARESShare On FacebookTwitter --------- Advertisement --------- --------- Advertisement --------- 20kSHARESShare On Faceboo…
Sneakerheads Are Eel-y Hyped About These New Jordan 4 Kicks, Lookin’ Fresh As Ever Wrapped... Over the top or must have?PETA might not be as excited about this limited edition shoe...
Beyoncé Is Breaking Hearts, The Internet And Now Is The First Artist Ever To Do... She's breakin' all them records
Despite only being available to stream on the Queen B’s and her hubby’s music maven, Tidal, for the first 36 hours of the release Beyoncé has managed to make it to the very top of ...
Zac Efron's Fall On The Set Of 'Baywatch' Yielded Internet Gold With All The Memes... who did these? LOL
Zac fell down and broke his crown during the Baywatch shoot and the Internet took action. What is better than the photo itself is the viral response of Photoshop-savvy creatives who have stepped up to join ...
RT @konvictkartel: Official Konvict Kartel Merch out soon! Who wants some? https://t.co/5Z7PbEMLwg
Those Aren’t Giants In The Water, Just The Amazing Work Of Artist Sean Yoro - You seen anything like this?
They say that truly creative person can make art out of anything. On the other hand, the focused type can use the most unusual places or circumstances to make their aesthetic voice heard. Such is ...
Timeline Photos This is how you tackle your dreams
23 Powerful Images Revealing The Real Men and Women Behind The Uniforms Thank you for your service!
Regardless of your stance on the military, it is easy to forget that there are real people behind the uniforms that are unique individuals with unique personalities. In his work, "The Veteran Art Project," photographer ...
Football Team Gets Trapped In Elevator, Makes Up Hilarious Rap To Pass The Time You never know when creativity will strike!It's all fun and games until someone farts in the elevator...
Thanks to everyone who joined me for the Q&A, if u missed it, check out my Facebook page. https://t.co/FEyADERlW5 https://t.co/KnJgV7vOQo
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I appreciate all of you! https://t.co/aBeW8teWtv
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